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Discovering the research of Dr Weston A Price was the beginning of our journey in nutrition.  This is documented so well in the book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.

This prominent Dentist from the USA spent his latter life years researching primitive cultures to explain how they had so few cavities and we in the western world had it so wrong.

Eat a nutrient dense diet”  And it sounded so logical, so wholesome, so much like our ancestors would have done on a daily basis.

But then the reality set in and we realised we didn’t exactly know what was considered “nutrient dense food”. Then, once we learned what foods we needed to eat, we discovered the challenge in sourcing “nutrient dense foods” and also the complexity of preparing these foods.

It was through this process that the Nourishing Ecology website was conceived. We want to make it easier for people to join us on our journey.

As time goes by, we add additional products.  We appreciate your business and your patience in allowing us to grow organically.

To good health — The right of every human being - Let food be thy Medicine!

Edie Wicker and Philip Wibaux

90 Stuartholme Road

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Brisbane - Australia

Contact phone number: 0404 561 880

Email address: info@nourishingecology.com.au

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